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Swabalamban Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. (SWBBL) is a microfinance financial institution.  With the mission of delivering sustainable microfinance services at the doorstep of the deprived sector target societies; SWBBL, was registered with the Company Registrar’s Office as a limited company under the Companies Act, 2053 on October 5, 2001 (Aswin 19, 2058) and obtained license from Nepal Rastra Bank– the Central Bank of Nepal on January 3, 2002 (Poush 19, 2058) to operate the financial activities under Development Bank Act, 2052.

SWBBL has changed its name to Swabalamban Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. as of Bank and Financial Institution Act 2073. Previously, it was Swabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd. as on January 6, 2006 (Magh 10, 2062) under the Companies Act., 2005 (2062) and re-obtained license from Nepal Rastra Bank under Bank and Financial Institutions Act , 2006 (2063).

SWBBL started its operation from January 14, 2002 (Magha 1, 2058).  SWBBL’s Registered (Central) Office is situated at Kathmandu, Nepal .



SWBBL at a Glance, Jestha end 2076(15 June 2019)

 (Amount in ‘000 NPR)
Total Loan Disbursed                                  9,58,71,426
Loan Outstanding                                  1,42,94,847
Savings         72,21,884
No. of Active Clients                       2,36,335
No. of Borrowers                      1,59,440
No. of Centres                         11,523
No. of Staff (incl. trainees)                              651
No. of Female Staff                               107
No. of Branch Offices                              128
Working Districts                                57
No. of Area Offices                                  9
Currency Conversion USD 1.00=NPR 111.99
  • Swabalamban Bank offers micro loan and micro business loan products for its clients. Loan decisions are made on the basis of client’s: a) knowledge of the business, b) credit history (for repeat clients) c) performance of the non-financial aspects (i.e. attendance, participation in the center activities etc.). Borrower’s needs, timely repayment of loan and its utilization, borrower’s loan absorption capacity are the basis to approve the consecutive loan.
    (1)Micro Loan
    (2)Micro Business Loan
  • Types of Saving Product

    1. Compulsory Saving
    Group Saving
    Centre Fund Saving

    2. Optional Saving
    Individual Saving
    Education and Pension saving
    Festival Saving
    Welfare Saving
  • Life and Housing protection scheme (Member Protection Scheme)
    Live-Stock protection scheme
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