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(A)    Life and Housing Protection Scheme

Life and housing protection scheme is compensate the damage of the member’s residential house caused by natural calamities and death of  a member and /or husband .Minimal fee of NRs. 50 for the first year and Nrs. 100 for the each successive year has been set to raise the fund for this scheme. In case of the death of the member ,Nrs 5,000 to 8,000 is provided as compensation. Similarly, in case of husband’s death  ,half of the member’s compensation amount is paid to the family member. Further, a maximum of Rs. 2000 is provided as compensation in case of the damage of house  caused by natural calamities. In addition to seek safe motherhood Nrs.1000  is provided to the member for the first two delivery cases.

(B)   Livestock protection Scheme

Livestock protection scheme is an important complementary service to the livestock borrowers. Raising livestock has been found risky because the high rate of animal mortality. The protection fee is from 4 to 5 percent of the total protected amount .The scheme compensates the member to the extent of 80 percent protected amount  in case of the death of protected animal and provides 20 percent of fee as bonus in case there is no claim.

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