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a)      Individual Saving

  • Each Member has their own a/c no.
  • Interest 8 %
  • Withdrawn can be done at anytime. (I.e. up to 5000 from center meeting place and more than 5000 from respective branch office.).


b)     Education and Pension Saving

  • Member has to deposit fixed amount of money in regular center meeting. The deposit amount is fixed by member itself at the opening of a/c.
  • Same member can open more than one a/c under this head.
  • Deposit period 10 or 15 years
  • If deposit period is 10 years member will be provide added 50 % of deposited amount after deducting tax. Same wise if it is for 15 years they will be provided double of their deposited amount (100% added amount of their balance) after deducting tax amount.
  • If member want to withdraw amount before prior to mention year then their balance amount and on interest balance of which 5 % of yearly given interest tax will be deducted and remaining balance will be given to member.
  • If member has deposited amount for 15 years but she want to take back it in 10 years then 50% amount will be added to their balance and after deducting tax remaining balance will be provided.

c)      Festival Saving

  • Any amount of money is deposited by member on wholesome basis or part by part for any specific festival season that has been mentioned while opening a/c.
  •  Amount can be withdrawn prior to 14 days of mention festival day.
  • 8 % yearly interest.
  • If amount is withdrawn before festival to come then only 5 % interest will be given.


d)     Welfare Saving

  • This fund will be deposited in the name of Center in the form of donation, penalty and any collection that is for particular center.
  • 8 % interest
  • Cash inflow and out flow will be done regarding decision of center member on behalf of center chief.


e) Swabalamban Saving

  • All the members are allowed to open Swabalamban Saving Account.
  • 9 % interest
  • Minimum balance of Rs. 1000
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