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1.    Welfare Fund

  •  This fund is raised by the members through deposit of donation, penalties and other amount collected from them and deposited in the fund. The interest rate of this saving is 8 percent.

2.    Personal Savings:

  • Members deposit their savings voluntarily in their individual savings account which is flexible as members are allowed to deposit and withdraw any amount as and when they need. The minimum balance of NRs.300/- must be maintained while disbursing the loan to the member.

3.    Education/Pension Savings:

  • Members deposit voluntarily a fixed amount in every centre meeting on their Education/Pension savings account for ten years or fifteen years period. Same member can open more than one account under this head. If deposit period crossed 10 years of tenure, SWBBL provides additional 50 % of deposited amount after deducting tax. And, if it is for 15 years, institution provides double amount of total deposited amount (100% additional amount of their balance) after deducting taxes. If member want to withdraw amount prior to mentioned year, SWBBL provides 8 percent interest in saving amount.

4.    Festival Savings:

  • Members deposit voluntarily a fixed amount for particular festival and such deposit is refunded with interest before the aforementioned festival.  If amount is withdrawn before festival to come then only 5 % interest will be given.

5.     Swabalamban Savings:

  • This saving product is developed to increase savings of clients to set up the micro-enterprises. The Members can save their money in separate accounts and opening balance of this saving should be minimum of NRs.1,000/-. The interest rate of this saving is 9 percent.
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