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General Loan

General loan is the main credit products of SWBBL. This loan is disbursed to the borrowers for all types of productive purposes under group guarantee. The individual loan ceiling ranges from NRs. 1,000 to NRs. 5,00,000/- based on the borrowers’ loan cycle track record. The repayment period of this loan up to NRs. 2,00,000/-is 12 to 24 months and up to NRs.5,00,000/- is 12 to 60 months on monthly basis and the interest rate is 18% on diminishing balance.

Seasonal Loan

Seasonal loan is for those borrowers, who need credit for working capital- cash crops productions, running fruit stalls and other commercial purposes. Loan ceiling of the seasonal loan is up to NRs 50,000/-. Repayment period of seasonal loan varies but does not have to exceed more than a year and the interest rate is 18% on diminishing balance.

Special Loan for Green Card Holder Clients

Clients who complete five years loan cycle with excellent loan track record and doing well in their activities and recognized as Bisista Sadasya, a special clients. They are appreciated with certificate along with badge and entitled to receive special revolving (overdraft) loan facility of up to NRs. 20,000/- for one year period. The interest rate is from 17% on diminishing balance.

Emergency Loan

This loan is disbursed mainly for medical, emergency, social and other consumption purposes for the maximum period of one year. The maximum loan ceiling is NRs.10,000/- per client and NRs.10,000/- for Bisista Sadasya. Besides this, NRs.20,000/- emergency loan is disbursed for setting up shelter of members affected by natural calamities. This product is very helpful for the members in their need at the time of emergency and the interest rate of loan is 12% on diminishing balance.

Renewable Energy Loan

Renewable energy loan is disbursed for the purpose of Solar Home System or Bio Gas Plant. Only the members who have paid the fourth general loan, regular attendance on monthly centre meeting and maintaining discipline, proper utilization of previous loans, not having any late due paid records for the past four years, capability of paying debt; are eligible for renewable energy loan. The maximum ceiling of loan is up to NRs 2,00,000/-. The interest rate is 18% on diminishing balance.

Environment Loan

Environmental Loan is disbursed to those members who have completed second cycle of general loan to set-up toilets. The maximum loan ceiling is NRs.50,000/- This loan aims to aware the people environmental and health related issues. Members who have paid the second general loan, regularity on meeting participation and maintaining discipline, capability of paying installments; are eligible for environmental loan. The interest rate is 18% on diminishing balance.

House Maintenance & Improvement Loan

SWBBL introduced an additional new loan product to the customer members. HOUSE MAINTENANCE AND IMPROVEMENT LOAN is commenced to manage the residing house of members. The maximum loan ceiling of amounting NRs.1,00,000/- and the repayment period of this loan is up to 24 months. The interest rate is 18% on diminishing balance. Borrowers can utilize this loan for metal or concrete roofing system, installation of drinking water, inverter, setting up tube-wells, electric wiring and improved cooking stoves etc.



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