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Types of Loan

SWBBL offers micro loan and micro business loan products for its clients.  Loan decisions are made on the basis of client’s: a) knowledge of the business, b) credit history (for repeat clients) c) performance of the non-financial aspects (i.e. attendance, participation in the center activities etc.).  Borrower’s needs, timely repayment of loan and its utilization, borrower’s loan absorption capacity are the basis to approve the consecutive loan.

Micro loan

  1. General Loan
  2. Seasonal Loan
  3. Special Loan
  4. Emergency Loan
  5. Renewable Energy Loan
  6. Environment Loan
  7. House Maintenance & Improvement Loan


Micro Business

  1. Micro-enterprise Loan
  2. Foreign Employment Loan
  3. Education Loan
  4. Housing Loan
  5. Individual Loan
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