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a)     Group Saving

  • Every member in Center should deposit fixed amount of money in every center Meeting.
  • Right now amount fixed is Rs 200.
  • Each member has their own A/c where every deposited amount will be added and shown in their respective a/c saving balance.
  • Interest rate 8 %
  • This saving a/c can be withdrawn if active member becomes an inactive member.


b)   Center Fund Saving

  • Every Member those who want to take General or Micro enterprises loan has to deposit 5 % of their loan amount in center fund saving a/c.
  • The member has to deposit center fund amount till 5 times of loan taken time.
  • The balance should be shown in separate A/c head of each member
  • Interest rate 8 %

Note: If member has already opened Pension saving a/c this saving a/c is not compulsory.

  • If member want to withdraw balance from this a/c member can withdraw same amount of money that has been deposited while taking a loan. The amount will be given back in each year after the pension a/c has been opened.
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